Student Services

In student services, we do our best to provide guidance and counselling; fostering positivity in our students through both support and stimulation in three major areas: personal, social and cognitive development.

The friendly and supportive culture at John Tonkin College is recognised by the community as one of our strengths. Our students are happy, funny and enthusiastic and it takes a team of people to keep our students feeling great and conducting themselves in a socially responsible way.
Some young people will have challenges along the way and our Student Services Team steps in to provide a support structure where needed. Physical and mental wellbeing is a priority as well as attending school regularly and behaving in a positive manner.

Above all else, we aim to instill our students with a resilient mindset as life can sometimes lead us down bumpy roads.

The Student Services team includes:

  • Student Services Manager (one on each site)
  • Year Coordinators
  • School Psychologists
  • School Nurses
  • Chaplain
  • External Youth Workers from local agencies

Vital support at the right time means that the students can really improve and have the support for them to be able to be the best they can be. They trust us and that trust is well deserved.

Hayley Hill, Year 9 Coordinator – Student Services


Our overall goal is to help them successfully navigate their time with us and achieve the best possible personal and academic success for their future.

Gisella Crook Head of Learning Area, Mathematics


‘JTC is amazing at pastoral care. The education is great here but years 7, 8 and 9 is all about nurturing the students so that they are ready to tackle the next phase of their schooling and life process.’

Che Heeley, Deputy Principal


‘Positive relationships between students, student’s services and staff means that we can shape support for students when and where they need it.’

Che Heeley, Deputy Principal