Learning Opportunities

Key Excursions / Incursions, Workshops & Community Engagement

  • Passages – Cooking for the homeless youth of Mandurah
  • Excursion to North Mandurah Primary School for Early Learning Skills.
  • Care Packages made for the Homeless of Mandurah
  • Guest Speakers – Mums & Bubs
  • Playgroups
  • Construction of furniture of Aged Care Facilities in Mandurah
  • Construction of toys for community playgroups Mandurah
  • Add IT Excursions

Technologies is the most rewarding learning area to teach and I make no apologies for my passion for it. I am more enthusiastic about the learning area now than when I started over 20 years ago. The quickly changing nature and use of technology has had a dramatic and positive effect on students’ learning. JTC provides myself with the facilities and resources to engage 21 century learning and allows students to collaborate, be creative, develop critical thinking strategies and communicate in ways that were not possible even 5 years ago.

Steve Srhoj – Design & Technology HOLA