Learning Support

Learning Support area supports staff to plan, deliver, monitor, assess and evaluate differentiated teaching and learning programs that meet the diverse educational needs of our students across years seven to twelve. The Learning Support Coordinator works with parents/carers and external agencies to ensure relevant Individual Education Plans are in place for students with diagnosed disabilities and learning difficulties, so that they are able to access the curriculum on the same basis as their peers. Targeted literacy and numeracy support is offered to assist students as they progress toward achieving national benchmarks in NAPLAN and OLNA testing.

Our students with a disability are integrated into mainstream classes, where they are supported by their teachers, Student Services staff and experienced Education Assistants as they work towards achieving success in their chosen educational pathway.

“In my role as the Teaching and Learning Support Coordinator, I work with students, their families and our staff to ensure that students with additional needs can access education on the same basis as their peers. Our students achieve success, both at school and in the world beyond, as a result of the strong support they have received at John Tonkin College.”

Rebekah Bessant Programme Coordinator: Teaching and Learning Support