Year 9 Surf Science Camp

In Week 3 of term 2, 9S went on a surf science camp with Miss Eckersley and Mr Dawson to Margaret river to watch the Margaret River Surf Pro. Over the days we enjoyed abseiling down a 22 metre cliff that overlooked a beautiful coastline and surfing at gas Bay in Gnarabup with amazing waves. Attending and watching the Surfing Competition was incredible. It was really inspiring watching the surfers and role models from different countries and backgrounds, especially the Australian surfers like Sally Fitzgibbons, Jack Robinson and Willow Hardy ( who is 14 and was chosen as a wild card. )

We all had the luxury to tent among nature with one another and cook dinner on the Trangias as a class, and at the end we had a marshmallow fight. We even started our own cooking channel. The bus rides were full with music, entertainment and exciting.

In the end, it was a great opportunity to be given this once in a lifetime experience. We had the best conditions and sunsets, and everything could not have been better planned out. Everything was brilliant and we couldn’t have had better company to share it with.

9S Class Student