Principal’s Welcome

The students of John Tonkin College are growing up in a community that has amazing opportunities and potential for them to lead change now and in the future. They move through their adolescent years gaining confidence and discovering their potential. It is our job as educators to provide a learning environment where the students are continually challenged to be the best that they can be whilst recognising their individual needs and aspirations.

As teachers, we are particularly mindful of the need to be patient, trustworthy, supportive and forgiving. We establish a safe environment for our students to thrive in, where they are encouraged and feel that they belong. Above all else it is crucial that they be instilled with the belief that their future is bright and that they can succeed.

We challenge ourselves to be better educators; we seek feedback, analyse results and set new targets. Accordingly, we strive to establish a classroom culture that embraces learning and where every student makes a contribution. We celebrate positive behaviour, high attendance and achievement of academic goals. We work in unity within our college to ensure that whole school programs and systems are successful. We work in unity with parents and the community to ensure that our students become positive contributors to our society.

Kim Savins

Being principal of JTC gives me an opportunity to help the young people of Mandurah shine. I get joy from being around them and being able to help them succeed.

Kim Savins, Principal, John Tonkin College