Tindale Campus

Welcome to the Tindale Campus

John Tonkin College’s Tindale Campus provides the student with a range of learning opportunities that will enable them to develop essential skills, processes, attitudes and values that will assist them in our ever-changing society.

We recognise that students have different interests and through the career and lifeskills program the students will explore how their interests can be transferred into their educational goals and ultimately result in the student being well prepared for further education and training beyond John Tonkin College.

The unique location allows the students to access a range of specialist programs that are designed to engage and extend the students at all academic levels. Learning experiences consider the close proximity to the ocean and coastline and John Tonkin College’s MET Campus to ensure these experiences are unique and rich in nature.

Tindale is the site of the oldest government school in the area and has an important historical legacy.

Che Heeley, Deputy Principal

On the surf science program we have visiting specialists from academia who lecture at the school and help develop our student’s understanding of the incredible world around us.

Che Heeley, Deputy Principal

The shorebirds fly here from all over the world and at John Tonkin we are a part of that wider global citizen science project.

Che Heeley, Deputy Principal