ATAR Preparation Program (APP)

The Year 10 Academic Aspirant Program is suitable for those students who achieve strong grades in Year 9 core subjects (Mathematics, English, HASS and Science). AAP students are motivated to achieve to the best of their ability and enjoy a challenging, stimulating and supportive learning environment.

AAP students enjoy a differentiated learning program that is tailored to extend and accelerate learning in core subjects. AAP students join their Year 10 peers when they engage in a range of elective courses.
Entry to the AAP is by application and is open to existing and external students. For more information, including application and enrolment timeline information, please visit the ‘Join Us’ section of our website.

“The Aspirant Academic Program will inspire and motivate students to strive for excellence so they are prepared to tackle the challenging ATAR pathway in senior school.”

Donna Heath Associate Principal MET Campus