Student Alumni

If you are a former student, and wish to be involved in the alumni, please join us by filling in the online form below.
Note: Please be advised that all information provided below will only be collated for the purpose of developing the John Tonkin College alumni program.

Alumni Membership

The purpose of the Alumni Program is to link former students and staff with the school community and each other; promote interaction among former students and staff members; and to promote activities that create an alumni community.

‘One of the greatest gifts that we can give young people in this era with so much disruption and change in our economy and in our workplaces is that knowledge that they can find their own pathways, that they can find that unique place in the world just for them, based on their own strength, that’s the gift that being a student of John Tonkin College student gave to me and I think it’s a gift thats been given to the thousands of students that have been through the school since its inception ’

Rhys Williams, Alumni, John Tonkin College, Mayor of Mandurah

‘And I remember being at John Tonkin College out on the water and just pinching myself because we were out on the water, learning to sail learning to scuba dive and that was part of our school curriculum. That’s a great opportunity for young people and I am just so grateful to have had that opportunity to be learning whilst being out experiencing nature and experiencing the best that my community has got to offer. What could be better than that?’

Rhys Williams, Alumni, John Tonkin College, Mayor of Mandurah