Years 7–9

John Tonkin College is a split campus and the unique locations allow the students to access a diverse range of specialist programs. These are designed to engage and extend the students at all academic levels. Learning experiences reflect our close proximity to the coastline and estuary which are unique and rich in natural resources.

With a strong emphasis on support and pastoral care, the first three years of schooling at John Tonkin College are aimed at settling in and assuring our new students. This creates a positive learning environment.

Our Surf Science specialist program is offered only at the Tindale campus and has a focus on Marine and Outdoor Education (please see Surf Science). All classes are organised into mixed year group classes, with a year Coordinator supporting them through the three years.

During Year 9 students are provided with access to more specialised learning opportunities preparing them for subject selections and pathway choices that become more pronounced in Year 10. While a broad base of core subjects is maintained during Year 9 the curriculum provision becomes more focussed on students’ identified areas of interest. This approach prepares all students for the challenges of Senior School and beyond.

Excursions, Incursions & Community Engagement

  • Yr 7 Orientation and Team Building Camp
  • Yr 7 Protective Behaviours Workshop
  • Yr 7 Transition Workshop
  • Yr 8 Team Building a Resiliency Camp
  • Yr 9 Positive Incentive Camp
  • Dr. Yes Health Workshops
  • Mental Health Workshops
  • City of Mandurah Youth Services Lunchtime Activities
  • National Young Leaders Day
  • SES Cadets Training
  • University Partnership Programs Campus Visits
  • Extended Home Room / Mentoring Program Workshops

The way my teachers at John Tonkin College teach helps me to understand difficult ideas and have the confidence to apply my skills and knowledge in an assessment. They step me through what it is I need to create and also give me the opportunity to push myself creatively.

Year 9 Student

‘I’m here for the students. They are amazing and they have often overcome a lot of challenges to be here. A lot of them come to school with a lot of positive energy.’

Che Heeley, Deputy Principal