Positive Behaviour School (PBS)

PBS is a whole school initiative that is a framework for enhancing adopting and implementing a continuum of evidenced based interventions to achieve academic, social emotional and behavioural important outcomes for all students.

PBS Leadership team purpose statement

The purpose of the John Tonkin College PBS Leadership Team is to implement, with fidelity, a positive behaviour model which continues to build a culture of optimism through a collective effort from staff, students and community. By promoting a holistic approach to student wellbeing, we will develop successful members of the community who believe in the possibility that any ambition can be achieved.

The PBS leadership team includes genuine representation of the school community. The team monitors system implementation and determines the need for support. The team also monitors the use of research – based practices and drives the data collection process. The type of data needed is determined by the team and is used to make decisions regarding progress and needs for support.

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“At JTC, PBS is an integral part of our everyday, teachers’ role model positive behaviour through verbal and non-verbal communication, expectations around behaviour and commitment to our core values of respect, commitment and excellence. Students are rewarded for demonstrating positive behaviour and encouraged to make better choices that contribute to a culture of optimism and positive wellbeing.”

Annette James PBS Team Leader

PBS Matrix
PBS Poster