Student Leadership

Our students are community minded and look for opportunities to make a difference. We have a college Student Leadership team with College Captains, Vice-Captains, House Captains and Student Councillors. All students elected to be in leadership positions need to be role models of excellence, respect and commitment.


Our student leaders attend the Halogen Young Leaders day each year, where they are inspired by people who have overcome challenges to find success in areas like business, sport and social enterprise.

Our student leaders for 2020


  • Emma Borrett
  • Jireh Auva’a

Vice Captains

  • Nathalie Tarrossa
  • Arizona Forbes

Student Counsellors Year 10 to 12

  • Holly Spears
  • Nicola Ronan
  • Angelini Prado
  • Grego Gamier
  • Tee Tuara

Student Counsellors Year 7 to 9

  • Zain Al Suleiman
  • Zoe Fishwick
  • Lycan Booth
  • Keira Warner
  • Vincent Bataller
  • Eowyn Hooper

Communications Captain

  • Isis Naisbitt

Communications Vice Captain

  • Lisa Pahl

Estuary Guardians Captain

  • Jess Pahl
  • Arts Captains
  • Emily Moroney
  • Tayla Goedemondt

House Captains Year 7 to 9

  • Ben Brown
  • Ashleigh Syme
  • Lopez Williams
  • Hannah Humfrey