The John Tonkin Mathematics Learning area aims to work with students at their point of need to give every student the opportunity to succeed in maths. We look to not only teach students critical mathematical skills for their life beyond school but to also ensure that students are given the opportunity to develop and nurture their ability to apply these skills in real-world contexts. This allows students to engage with Mathematics realistically and allows students to see the future value in their work.


JTC provides a curriculum that encourages students to achieve and develop their knowledge and maths skills as they progress through the years. Individual programmes are created for many students or groups of students, particularly those who are struggling with content. We want students to achieve to the best of their ability and offer after school tutoring to assist students at all stages.

For students with a strong interest and liking for Mathematics we offer the opportunity to participate in competitions such as the Australian Mathematics Competition and Have Sum Fun.

We are currently looking at a new programme to help our kids achieve their best. New ways of teaching maths is allowing innovations in teaching and learning. CAMs and Stams is an innovative assessment programme which groups kids with their level of understanding and helps us to shape learning programmes for each cohort. We are getting exceptional outcomes with this new programme.

We’ve noticed that a lot of students need hands on or practical processes which are based on practical investigative features. Rather than endless testing we are slotting practical and engaging experiences that teach real world contexts for all our learning outcomes. Problem solving is a huge part of our teaching and learning process. It builds self reliance and resilience in terms of growing critical thinking.

Gisella Crook Head of Learning Area, Mathematics