University Partnerships

The university partnership program offers students opportunity to raise familiarity with the environment and the opportunities available at university, our strong partnership programmes with Curtin University (Ahead) and the University of Western Australia (Aspire) encourage our high achieving students to commit to their studies and consider a tertiary pathway in a field of their interest.


JTC students across years 7-12 engage in fun, hands on learning activities with on-campus experiences, school based workshops and student mentoring programmes.

Students are encouraged to identify their interests and passions, aspire to higher education, and plan a career pathway so that they feel empowered to make decisions about their life after school.

Through our university partnerships, scholarships are available to reward academic achievement and provide support to those whose socio-economic, cultural, geographic or personal circumstances may affect their capacity to succeed.

Excursions, Incursions Workshops & Community Engagement

  • School Camps
  • UWA Science Experience Days
  • UWA Aspire Camp
  • On campus visits to Curtin University and UWA
  • In school workshops from university staff
  • University student mentoring programs

“In my role as a University Partnerships Coordinator, I really enjoy having the opportunity to inspire our students to stretch their beliefs and have them ask themselves – what am I capable of? What might be possible in my future? It is rewarding to see students reach for their career goals and achieve them!”

Rebekah Bessant University Partnerships Coordinator