AVID: Advancement Via Individual Education

AVID is a whole school approach to teaching and learning which places emphasis on teaching the core skills of writing, inquiry, collaboration, organisation and reading.

Avid is an education system with over 38 years of experience in improving the education outcomes of students across the world.

Teachers use a range of AVID strategies in the classroom, with an explicit focus on the core skills required for student success.


Through our wider AVID community, we share a common goal with AVID schools across Australia. We are focused on building student aspiration and supporting our young people as they work towards attaining the skills they need for success at school and beyond.

There are consistent expectations across learning areas regarding how students will set up their Interactive Notebooks, take notes and review their notes prior to assessments.

Students are explicitly taught how to think critically and use inquiry to develop a deeper understanding of the texts and issues they encounter in the classroom.

The writing, inquiry, collaboration, organisation and reading skills students are taught in the classroom directly relate to those they will need at TAFE, University and the workforce so that they can become successful life-long independent learners.

“In my role as AVID Coordinator, I work with our students and staff to help them focus on the core skills students will need for success now, as high school students, and in whatever post-school pathways they choose: Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organisation and Reading. I feel a sense of pride because I know our students will go out in the world having the confidence and the skills to pursue their goals.”

Rebekah Bessant AVID Coordinator