We encourage our students to explore the world and we live in an amazing area for biodiversity, with the marshlands, the estuary and sand dunes, and the ocean itself.


At John Tonkin College we use a collaborative approach towards learning science. We follow the Australian national curriculum in that we teach all the main subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Space science. We also teach Chemistry, Physics and Human Biology for ATAR. We have a comprehensive programme of learning for all the sciences but our ‘real world’ approach is demonstrated through the programmes such as Surf Science, Bush Rangers and the Black Bream project.

Bush Rangers is a stand alone and innovative programme offered to students from years 7-9. It’s an elective subject which students can take and its focus is on the environment and sustainability. Bush Rangers has bird watching, revegetation, estuarine and coastal science components.

The Black Bream project is realised through our partnership with Murdoch University and the Peel Harvey Catchment Council. In it we aim to restock the Peel Estuary with Black Bream. Students love the project because it is a practical way of both doing science and helping the environment. In 2019 we grew 5000 baby Black Bream for the project on site at school. This project and our learning approach gives students a hands on experience and skills in aquaculture, literacy and teamwork, all while learning science.

What I love teaching about JTC is just the students. The dedication and ability in our students at our school just astounds me. My work is rewarding because I know lots of our students have obstacles, teaching them makes my work worthwhile.

Nick Rust, Science HOLA