The Athletics House Carnival

On Friday the 11th of September we held our 2020 Athletics House Carnival.  The students cheered for their House all day and those who participated are to be commended for their determination and sportsmanship.

Congratualtions to the winning House. Eacott and to all Champion and Runner up boy and girl winners!

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Athletics Carnival House Winners 2020:

1 st     Eacott
2 nd    Sutton
3 rd     Hall
4 th     Tuckey

Year 7 Girls Champion Girl Lily Barrowcliffe, Runner up champion girl Ellie Clements
Year 7 Boys Champion Boy Daniel Cunningham, Runner up champion boy Tate Young
Year 8 Girls Champion Girl Rikki-Lee Morgan, Runner up champion girl Jasmin Toussaint
Year 8 Boys Champion Boy Ethan Thomas, Runner up champion boy Seth McCartney
Year 9 Girls Champion Girl Ashleigh Syme, Runner up champion girl Hayley Moroney
Year 9 Boys Champion Boy Jayden Walsh, Runner up champion boy Zac Garcia
Year 10 Girls Champion Girl Farrah Evans, Runner up champion girl Kye Turner
Year 10 Boys Champion Boy Hendrik Cronje, Runner up champion boy Elijah Tibbot

Open Girls Champion Girl Adele Evans Runner up champion girl Zoey Torrent
Open Boys Champion Boy Joel McGowan Runner up champion boy Nian Beer

Congratulations to all the participants and the Winners on the Day!